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Play Music’s philosophy recognizes a simple truth – that every student learns, interprets and plays music in a unique way. That’s why our approach is adapted to each individual. Our piano lessons balance good technique with practice discipline, and are thoughtfully designed to make learning fun and personally rewarding.


In every lesson, you'll be playing music as well as learning scales, finger exercises and sight reading. As your ability grows, you'll also be exposed to more advanced aural and rhythm skills along with improvisation, composition, musicology and performance. You'll also enjoy regular performance and concert opportunities throughout the year.

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Whether you're looking for piano lessons for kids or adults, you'll be sure to find a great teacher with us.

All of our teachers are carefully chosen for their musical talents, unique personalities and their love of teaching. Click to see our teachers.


 minutes $82
 minutes $61.50
 minutes $41
60 30

For newbie and

beginner students

For advanced and

exam students


For beginner and

intermediate students

Our teachers come to your home for weekly lessons. Lessons are billed in advance for each term,

which run parallel to the NSW public schools dates, however enrolments are welcome at any time.

We will suggest teachers based on the student's goals and your availability.

We recommend 45 minutes for most lessons.

Piano Lessons Sydney

What you can expect from us

* A tailored, no–nonsense approach to teaching

* Skilled, personable and caring teachers,

   specially matched to the student

* A focus on the personal learning style and goals

   of each student

* Encouragement and inspiration as motivators

* Varied and interesting music to choose from

* Proactive support for exam students

* Exciting concert and workshop opportunities

What not to expect from us

* Stuffy, old–school teaching methods

* Being told what to think rather than how to think

* Knuckle–rapping, rigid discipline

* Musical geniuses who have no idea how to teach

* Claims that certain methods work better than others

(our piano tutors will draw from a range of approaches, mixing their own techniques and methodologies with established methods such as Suzuki, Kodaly, Bastien, Alfred, Faber and much more)

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No doubt about it: learning to play any instrument is a challenge. It’s occasionally frustrating but with commitment and perseverance, the process of steady advancement is hugely rewarding. Practice makes perfect – so while fun is the aim, practice is a big part of the game.


Putting aside just 10–20 minutes a day for practice will see you making consistent and measureable improvements. We will always drive you to do your very best and make the m,ost of your investment!

All enrolments are booked on a term–by–term basis. Our lessons are billed in advance at the beginning of each term with payment due within 14 days. Mid–term enrolments are billed for the remaining weeks in the term.


All invoices are sent via email and can be paid via direct deposit. Payments cannot be refunded once a student has commenced their enrolment.


While we don't offer free trial lessons, we do encourage you to try a teacher out for a good match before committing to the term with them.

We require at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations, however refunds are not offered. We will do our best to find a mutually convenient time for a make–up lesson for cancellations due to emergency or illness.


In the unlikely event that a teacher cannot attend a lesson, we will organise an alternative time for a make–up lesson within the same term or holidays afterwards.


We encourage a spirit of goodwill while still respecting and safeguarding our teachers' incomes.

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DATES for 2019

Term 1:    29th January – 14th April

Term 2:    29th April – 7th July

Term 3:    22nd July – 29th September

Term 4:    14th October – 15th December


11 weeks

10 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks


Call us on

(02) 9664 9983

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Enrolments welcome year round